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Wichita Kansas KS Warrant Search

If you want to search for outstanding arrest warrants in Wichita Kansas KS - the easiest and safest way would be to use an online warrant search service that will allow you to gather information from several different local and national databases and provide you with a detailed report regarding the individual's warrant status, without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

If you are doing a new search on yourself, it is recommended that you use govwarrantsearch.org. This is a discreet warrant search service that will allow you to search anonymously without fear of prosecution. This is probably one of the most trusted and thorough services in the industry.

With govwarrantsearch.org, you will have access to the same technology that both law enforcement and private investigators use on a daily basis. The service will compile everything about your subject in one detailed report and make for easy analysis. Having all of this information in less than a minute is as easy as filling out the form above.

If you prefer the "manual" approach - You can always visit your local law enforcement office for this information. The police officer will charge you a nominal fee and provide you with a print-out of the individual's warrant record. It is not suggested to do this type of search on yourself. Obviously, the police officer will be forced to arrest you if they find that you have a Kansas KS warrant against your record.

The Definition of a Warrant

The simplest way to define a warrant is: a court document that commands police to take a particular action. There are several different types of warrants, but the most common are arrest warrants and search warrants.
While arrest warrants command police to arrest individuals, search warrants command of the police to search specified locations. A warrant is a legal document, signed by a judge and administered by the police.

The Definition of an Arrest Warrant

Fortunately in the United States, Police Departments are not allowed to randomly arrest its citizens. First, a judge must sign a legal document called an arrest warrant before law enforcement can make an arrest. Arrest warrants can be issued for various reasons, but, failure to appear at court is the most common cause. Keep in mind that police officers will enter homes and places of business to incarcerate fugitives with arrest warrants on their record.

How to Find Out If You Have a Warrant in Wichita Kansas KS:

Whether you're searching for a warrant on yourself or others, you have a few options to get the job done. The first option is to head down to your local police department and make a warrant request. The only problem with this option is that you usually need a good reason to do a search on someone else. If you convinced the officer that you have a good reason - obtaining a warrant report will cost a nominal fee, and a bit of patience. Keep in mind that this is a low priority request, and the police officer at the front desk will often take their time with your arrest warrant search.
A word of warning: this method is not suggested if you are doing an arrest warrant search on yourself. If the police determine that you have an active warrant, they will arrest you and you will not have a chance to prepare your defense. You also shouldn't use this method when checking on the status of family members or close friends as well. This is because the police will attempt to gather information about the person's whereabouts. You could even be brought into the situation if you attempt to deceive the police, as obstructing justice is a crime.

The easiest and safest way to check if someone has an outstanding warrant on file is by using a public online search engine, like govwarrantsearch.org. This site will allow you to instantly investigate anyone's background using all national databases and receive the information that you need without having to go anywhere in person. You can easily gather information from many databases with a single click, and either conduct an in-state search for warrants in Wichita Kansas KS, or use the "Nationwide" option to search for warrants anywhere else in the entire United States. Aside from being quick and easy, an online search is also beneficial because of the privacy that it affords you. You can avoid putting your freedom in jeopardy by searching online. Using a public online search like govwarrantsearch.org is the recommended method for anyone that needs arrest warrant information.

Bench Warrants Defined

A bench warrant is placed against any individual that does not show up for a court date as scheduled. This warrant directs law enforcement to seek out this individual and place them into custody. As far as the police are concerned, an individual with a bench warrant is a fugitive at large.

If you have a bench warrant against you, it is important to take care of the situation as soon as possible. Usually, local law enforcement officers are very active when it comes to serving bench warrants. It is not uncommon for the police to arrive at your home at 2 AM to take you to jail.

Search Warrants Defined

A search warrant is a court order document that allows a particular law enforcement agency to search a home or place of business for proof of illegal activity. Search warrants are signed by a judge and very specific in nature. Law enforcement must adhere to the verbiage of the document or risk having their evidence inadmissible in court. Search warrants have a specific expiration date and the police cannot continue to return without a new search warrant.

If you are served with a search warrant, you should ask to read the warrant to ensure that the police are following the court order properly. It will detail the types of evidence that can be removed, when they are allowed to search, as well as the limitations on where law enforcement are allowed to search. While law enforcement officers are allowed to confiscate any contraband that they locate during the search (drugs, unregistered weapons, etc.), they can only remove evidence listed in the search warrant.

Outstanding Warrants and Active Warrants Explained

Both active warrants and outstanding warrants have the same meaning and can be used equally in the eyes of the law. With that being said, the term, "outstanding warrant" is most often used to describe warrants that are several years old. Regardless of the chosen phrase, both outstanding warrants and active warrants are court-ordered documents that allow law enforcement to arrest an individual using any means necessary.

I Have Not Been Notified By The Police - Could I Still Have An Arrest Warrant On File?
You should never wait on notification from the police to determine if you have an arrest warrant on file. The sad truth is that the majority of individuals arrested were unaware of a warrant on their record. Silvia Conrad experienced this first hand when a police officer randomly appeared at her place of work. She was completely unaware of a warrant placed against her, but was hauled off to jail. While it may create an embarrassing experience, the police will do whatever it takes to apprehend you.

To understand why you may not be notified properly, you should look at it from the prospective of the police. It basically makes law enforcement's job much easier. The police would rather catch you off guard than prepared and ready to run. Bottom Line - Whether you have been notified or not, the police will find you and arrest you to serve their warrant.
How to Avoid Being Picked Up On An Arrest Warrant

Before you get your hopes up and think that you can actually live a normal life with an arrest warrant on your record, you must realize that this is an impossible venture. Even if you were capable of eluding the police for quite some time, your life would be anything but normal. The thought of a looming arrest would always be on your mind, and would force you to constantly `watch your back' for the police.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that the majority of arrest warrants get served years after the warrant is issued. "Don't Run!" is probably the best advice that one can receive. Its much better to take care of the problem as soon as possible than wait until you've gotten your life back together and find that you're being drawn back into the same old situation..

Do Arrest Warrants Expire?

Regardless of the state that the warrant was filed, there is no expiration of an arrest warrant. These warrants will only go away in the case of:
a) Death
b) Appearance before the judge that ordered the warrant
c) Arrest

General Information from wikipedia: 
Wichita, Kansas Wichita (pronounced /ˈwɪtʃɨtɑː/ WICH-i-tah) is a city in and the county seat of Sedgwick County, Kansas, United States. As of the 2000 census its population was 344,284. The 2008 estimated population of 366,046 made it the 51st largest city in the country and the most populous city in Kansas. Wichita is located in south central Kansas on the Arkansas River.The city was incorporated in 1870, based on the success of businessmen who came to hunt and trade with native populations. Its position on the Chisholm Trail made it a destination for cattle drives headed north to access railroads to eastern markets. In the 20th century, aircraft pioneers such as Clyde Cessna, Walter Beech and Bill Lear began projects that would lead to Wichita's establishment as the Air Capital of the World. The aircraft corporations Stearman Aircraft, Cessna, Mooney and Beechcraft were all founded in Wichita in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Cessna and Hawker Beechcraft remain based in Wichita today, along with Learjet and Spirit AeroSystems, and both Airbus and Boeing maintain a workforce in Wichita. The city was also at one time the headquarters of the former Derby Oil Company, which was purchased by Coastal Corporation in 1988.Wichita has evolved into a cultural and entertainment center. The downtown district offers nightclubs, restaurants, shopping centers, museums and parks. Intrust Bank Arena features 22 suites, 2 party suites, 40 loge boxes and over 300 premium seats with a total potential capacity of over 15,000. This arena in the middle of Wichita opened in January 2010. Several universities are in Wichita, the largest being Wichita State University with an enrolment of 15,000 students. In July 2006, CNN/Money and Money magazine ranked Wichita 9th on its list of the 10 best U.S. big cities in which to live. In 2008, MSN Real Estate ranked Wichita 1st on its list of most affordable cities. Wichita was also named most 'Uniquely American' city by Newsmax Magazine.The Wichita Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which encompasses Sedgwick, Butler, Harvey, and Sumner counties, has a 2007 estimated population of 596,452 residing in 245,159 households, making it the 84th largest MSA in the United States. The Wichita-Winfield Combined Statistical Area also includes Cowley County and has an estimated population of 630,703. History The site on the two rivers has served as a trading center for nomadic peoples for 11,000 years. The area was visited by Francisco Vásquez de Coronado in 1541, while he was in search of the fabulous 'cities of gold.' While there, he encountered a group of Indians whom he called Quiviras and who have been identified by archeological and historical studies as Wichita Indians. By 1719 these people had moved south to Oklahoma, where they met French traders. The first permanent settlement in Wichita was a collection of grass houses inhabited by the Wichita Indians in 1863. They had moved back to Wichita from Oklahoma during the American Civil War because of their pro-Union sentiments.The city was officially incorporated in 1870. Its position on the Chisholm Trail made it a destination for cattle drives headed north to access railroads to eastern markets. As a result, it became a railhead destination for cattle drives from Texas and other south-western points, from whence it has derived its nickname 'Cowtown.' It quickly gained a wild reputation, and had numerous well-known lawmen pass through, employed to help keep the rowdy cowboys in line. Among those was Wyatt Earp.Following the incorporation of the city in 1870, rapid immigration resulted in a land boom involving speculation into the late 1880s. By 1890 Wichita had become the third largest city in the state (behind Kansas City and Topeka), with a population of nearly 24,000. After the boom the city suffered from 15 years of comparative depression and slow growth.Wichita reached national fame in 1900 when Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) member Carrie Nation decided to carry her crusade against alcohol to Wichita. On December 27 of that year she entered the Carey House bar in downtown Wichita and smashed the place with a rock and a pool ball. She had visited all the bars in Wichita the night before and demanded that they close their doors. However, the painting by John Noble of Cleopatra at the Roman Bath in the Carey House had drawn her particular wrath.In the 20th century, aircraft pioneers such as Clyde Cessna and Walter Beech began projects that led to Wichita's establishment as the 'Air Capital of the World'. The aircraft corporations Stearman, Cessna, Mooney and Beech were all founded in Wichita in the late 1920s and early 1930s.In 1914-1915, oil was discovered nearby and Wichita became a major oil center. The money derived from oil allowed local entrepreneurs to invest in a nascent airplane industry. In 1917, the first plane, the Cessna Comet, was manufactured in Wichita. Forty-three Swallows, the first airplanes made specifically for production, were built in Wichita between 1920 and 1923. This industry, coinciding with Wichita becoming a test center for new aviation, established Wichita as the 'Air Capital.' Lloyd Stearman and Walter Beech were employees of the Swallow Airplane Company, but in January 1925 they left Swallow and teamed up with Clyde Cessna to form Travel Air. Stearman left the company in 1926 to start Stearman Aircraft in Venice, California, and Cessna quit in January 1927 to start Cessna. Stearman would only be gone from Wichita for a year before returning.Travel Air, with Walter Beech at the helm, grew to over 600 employees and operated from a huge factory complex constructed from 1927 to 1929. Owing to employing so many workers at such a large complex and being a few miles outside the city limits, it was tagged 'Travel Air City' by Wichita residents. The company merged with the huge Curtis Wright Corporation in the Roaring Twenties' heyday of company buyouts and takeovers just two months before the Stock Market crash in 1929. Workers were laid off by the hundreds during 1930 and more so in 1931. By the fall of 1932 all workers of Travel Air in Wichita were let go, the equipment was sold and the entire Travel Air plant sat empty.In March 1932, Beech quit Curtis Wright to form Beech Aircraft with his wife Olive Ann and hired Ted Wells as his chief engineer. The first four or five 'Beechcraft' were built in the vacant Cessna Aircraft plant which was also closed during the depression. Beech later leased and then bought the Travel Air plant from Curtis Wright and men, machinery, and an airplane or two were moved from the Cessna plant. The first aircraft was the Model 17, later dubbed the 'Staggerwing', which was first flown on November 5, 1932. The aircraft that would propel the small company into a huge corporation was the Model 18 'Twin Beech', of which thousands were built from 1937 to 1969. The Staggerwing production ended in 1946 with approximately 750 built, and a few more were assembled from parts in 1947. The Staggerwing production was replaced by the Beechcraft Bonanza, although there are still nearly 100 Staggerwings in existence, most in usable condition.In October 1932 orchestra leader Gage Brewer introduced the electric guitar to the world from Wichita using an instrument developed by what would later become known as the Rickenbacker Guitar Company.The city experienced a population explosion during World War II when it became a major manufacturing center for airplanes needed in the war effort. By 1945, 4.2 bombers were being produced daily in Wichita. Stearman Aircraft, later purchased by the Boeing Company, was founded in Wichita, as were Beech Aircraft (now called Hawker Beechcraft), Cessna Aircraft, and LearJet (now Bombardier). The city remains a major manufacturing center for the aircraft industry today, with all of these and Airbus still having major centers there, hence its nickname: 'Air Capital of the World.'Wichita was also a significant entrepreneurial business center during the pre and post-war period, with Coleman, Mentholatum, Pizza Hut, White Castle, Taco Tico and Koch Industries having all been founded in Wichita. (Ironically, White Castle closed all of their restaurants in Wichita in 1938 and has not operated in the state of Kansas after a failed revival attempt in the Kansas City area in the early 1990s.) The entrepreneurial spirit of Wichita led to the creation of one of the first academic centers to study and support entrepreneurship at the Wichita State University Center for Entrepreneurship.The Dockum Drug Store sit-in was one of the first organized lunch-counter sit-ins for the purpose of integrating segregated establishments in the United States. The protest began in July 1958 in Wichita at the Dockum Drug Store, a store in the old Rexall chain, in which protesters would sit at the counter all day until the store closed, ignoring taunts from counterprotesters. The sit-in ended three weeks later when the owner relented and agreed to serve black patrons, taking place 18 months before the more widely publicized Greensboro sit-ins in January 1960. A 20-foot (6.1 m)-long bronze sculpture first announced in 1998 at a cost of $3 million marks the site of the successful sit-in, with a lunch counter and patrons depicting the protest.Recent history has seen increased development in downtown and to the east and west sides of Wichita. Sedgwick County voters recently[when?] approved a sales tax raise to build a new arena downtown to replace the aging Kansas Coliseum, located north of the city. This is considered by some as a stepping stone to launch new development downtown. Geography According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 138.9 square miles (360 km2), 3.2 square miles (8.3 km2) of which is water. Climate Wichita, located on the Plains far from any large moderating influences (i.e. mountains, oceans, lakes), has a wide range of temperatures, and falls between a humid subtropical climate and a humid continental climate (Koppen Cfa/Dfa) with hot, humid summers and somewhat cold, dry winters. Despite these extremes, Wichita is known to have more sunny days throughout the year than Miami.[citation needed] Over the course of a year, temperatures range from an average low of about 20 °F (−7 °C) in January to an average high of nearly 93 °F (34 °C) in July. The maximum temperature reaches 90 °F (32 °C) an average of 64 days per year and reaches 100 °F (38 °C) an average of 14 days per year; conversely, the minimum temperature falls below 0 °F (−17.8 °C) an average of 3.6 nights per year. The first fall freeze typically occurs between the second week of October and mid-November, and the last spring freeze occurs between the end of March and the final week of April.The area receives over 30 inches (760 mm) of precipitation during an average year, with the largest share being received in May and June—with a combined 21 days of measurable precipitation. During a typical year, the total amount of precipitation may be anywhere from 22 to 40 inches (560 to 1,000 mm). There are on average 88 days of measurable precipitation per year. Winter snowfall averages almost 17 inches (43 cm), but the median is less than 8 inches (20 cm). Measurable snowfall occurs an average of 11 days per year with at least an inch of snow being received on five of those days. Snow depth of at least an inch occurs an average of 18 days per year.The area is vulnerable to severe weather, with frequent thunderstorms occurring mainly during the spring and summer months of March–June. These occasionally bring large hail as well as frequent lightning. Sometimes tornadoes occur. The outskirts of Wichita were affected during the Andover, Kansas Tornado Outbreak on April 26, 1991, which spawned an F5 tornado—the most violent of its kind. During the 1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak, on May 3, 1999, an F4 tornado hit the town of Haysville, which then tracked north and hit the south-west edge of Wichita. Demographics The early 20th century saw a resurgence in growth from the nascent aircraft industry (see below) with the population increasing by 350% between 1900 and 1930. By 1920 Wichita had entered the top 100 largest cities in the United States and by 1930 reached 77th in rank. The depression of the 1930s again slowed growth, with total population only increasing by 3% between 1930 and 1940. The decades during and after World War II saw a growth spurt as the city's population increased by more than 120% between 1940 and 1960. Wichita had become the largest city in the state by 1950[citation needed] and the 51st largest city in the country by 1960.The period between 1950 and 1970 saw a major shift in the city's racial make-up, as the proportion of blacks in the population increased significantly. Until 1950, blacks had made up about 5% of the population, with little variation. The black population increased from 8,082 (4.8%) in 1950 to 26,841 (9.7%) in 1970. Even as the white population has increased from 160,000 in 1950 to about 260,000 in 2000, the percentage of the population has dropped from 95% to 75%.[citation needed]During the 1970s, the city's population grew by only 1%, but the growth rate accelerated in the following two decades to more than 13% in the 1990s. The growth among minorities is still strong. The black population has grown by a more modest 14% per decade, but the proportion of other races, including indigenous Americans and immigrants from Asia and the Pacific Rim, has risen from 1% to over 10% of the population.[citation needed]Wichita's population was estimated to be 357,698 in the year 2006, an increase of 6188, or +1.8%, over the previous six years.The Wichita Metropolitan Statistical Area, which encompasses Sedgwick, Butler, Harvey, and Sumner counties, has an estimated population of 596,452 residing in 245,159 households, making it the 84th largest MSA in the United States. The Wichita-Winfield Combined Statistical Area also includes Cowley County, and has an estimated population of 630,703. Nearby Reno County is not a part of the Wichita MSA or CSA, but the Census reported a population estimate of 63,832 in Reno County in 2003. Census of 2000 As of the U.S. Census in 2000, there were 344,284 people, 139,087 households, and 87,763 families residing in the city. The population density was 2,536.1/sq mi (979.2/km²). There were 152,119 housing units at an average density of 1,120.6/sq mi (432.7/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 75.20% White, 15.62% Black or African American, 3.96% Asian, 1.16% Native American, 0.06% Pacific Islander, 5.10% from other races, and 3.10% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 9.62% of the population.Of the 139,087 households, 32.1% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 47.3% were married couples living together, 11.6% had a female householder with no husband present, and 36.9% were non-families. 31.2% of all households were made up of individuals and 9.3% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.44 and the average family size was 3.10.In the city the population was spread out, with 27.1% under the age of 18, 10.1% from 18 to 24, 30.7% from 25 to 44, 20.2% from 45 to 64, and 11.9% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 33 years. For every 100 females there were 97.1 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 94.6 males.The median income for a household in the city was $39,939, and the median income for a family was $49,247. Males had a median income of $36,457 versus $25,844 for females. The per capita income for the city was $20,647. About 8.4% of families and 11.2% of the population were below the poverty line, including 14.4% of those under age 18 and 7.6% of those age 65 or over. 2006-2008 estimates According to the 2006-2008 American Community Survey, Wichita had a population of 359,306, of which 49.4% were males and 50.6% were females. The median age was 34.5. Approximately 73.2% of the population was 18 and over, and 11.7% were over 65 years of age.According to the survey, White Americans made up 73.5% of Wichita's population, of which 68.6% were non-Hispanic whites. Black Americans made up 10.9% of Wichita's population. Native Americans represented 0.7% of the population; Asian Americans formed 4.5% of the population. Multiracial Americans made up 4.1% of the populace. Hispanics and Latinos made up 12.2% of Wichita's population. Economy Wichita's principal industrial sector is manufacturing, which accounted for 21.6 percent of area employment in 2003. Aircraft has long since dominated the industry, and plays such an important role that it has the ability to influence the economic health of the entire region. In the early 2000s a national and international recession combined with the after effects of the terrorist attacks on September 11 to depress the aviation sub-sector in and around Wichita. Orders for new aircraft plummeted, prompting Wichita's five largest aircraft manufacturers—Boeing Co., Cessna Aircraft Co., Bombardier Learjet Inc., Hawker Beechcraft and Raytheon Aircraft Co.—to slash a combined 15,000 jobs between 2001 and 2004. In response, these companies began developing small- and mid-sized airplanes to appeal to business and corporate users.Healthcare is Wichita's second-largest industry, employing approximately 28,000 people in the local area. Since health-care needs remain fairly consistent regardless of the economy, this field was not subject to the same pressures that affected other industries in the early 2000s. The Kansas Spine Hospital opened in 2004, as did a critical care tower at Wesley Medical Center. In July 2010, Via Christi Health, which is the largest provider of health care services in Kansas, is ready to open a hospital that will serve the northwest area of Wichita. Via Christi Hospital on St. Teresa will be the system's fifth hospital to serve the Wichita community.The following manufactures like Bombardier Learjet, Cessna, and Hawker Beechcraft are based in Wichita, along with Spirit AeroSystems, and both Airbus and Boeing maintain a large work force in Wichita.The Coleman Company, a company that produces camping supplies, is based in Wichita.Wichita is home to the headquarters of Koch Industries, the second largest privately held company in the United States.Renewable energy company Alternative Energy Solutions is based in Wichita.Chance Morgan, a manufacturer of roller coasters, is based in Wichita.Prior to its dissolution Air Midwest, a regional airline, was headquartered in Wichita.The following is a summary of data regarding the Wichita metropolitan area labor force, 2004 annual average:Size of nonagricultural labor force: 282,800 Number of workers employed in:construction and mining: 16,100 manufacturing: 58,400 trade, transportation and utilities: 49,500 information: 6,100 financial activities: 12,200 professional and business services: 26,300 educational and health services: 38,400 leisure and hospitality: 25,200 other services: 12,100 government: 38,500 Average hourly earnings of production workers employed in manufacturing: $19.45 (2004)Unemployment rate: 6.3% (February 2005) Transportation Most residents of Wichita travel around the region by automobile. The Kansas Turnpike (Interstate 35), Interstates 135 and 235, U.S. Route 54/400, K-42 and K-96 run through and near the city. Currently the idea of a Northwest Corridor is under discussion, to run from K-96 south from Maize to US-54/400.The main roads in the Wichita area are Central Ave., Broadway St., Douglas Ave. McLean Blvd, and Interstates 135. in Central Wichita, Meridan Ave., Seneca St., MacArthur Rd., 47th St., West St., Broadway St., and Kansas Turnpike (Interstate 35) in South Wichita. Webb Rd., Greenwich Rd., Rock Rd., Kansas Turnpike (Interstate 35), and U.S. Route 54/400, to the East. Tyler Rd., Maize Rd., 13th St., 21st St., Ridge Rd., and U.S. Route 54/400 in West Wichita. Broadway St., Meridan/Amidon/Womer St., 29th St., and 37th St.Wichita Transit operates 51 buses on 17 fixed bus routes within the city. The organization reports over 2 million trips on the fixed routes per year (5,400 trips per day). Wichita Transit also operates a demand response paratransit service—320,800 passengers ride it annually. A 2005 study ranked Wichita near the bottom of the fifty largest American cities in terms of percentage of commuters using public transit. Only 0.5% used it to get to or from work. The Greyhound Lines has a bus stop in Wichita.The nearest Amtrak station is in Newton (20 miles/32 km to the north), offering service on the Southwest Chief route between Los Angeles and Chicago. However, the Kansas Department of Transportation recently requested Amtrak study route options between Oklahoma City and Newton or Kansas City, Missouri.Wichita is home to Wichita Mid-Continent Airport, the largest airport in the state of Kansas. Flights from Wichita's airport travel to many U.S. airport hubs via 9 commercial carriers. Mid-Continent is currently experiencing a period of growth, and served a record 1.6 million passengers in 2007. However, besides hotel shuttles there is at present only a limited 6-day-a-week hourly daytime bus service to and from the airport, and no rail connection.Colonel James Jabara Airport is a general aviation facility located on the city's northeast side. Cityscape Wichita has several recognized areas and neighborhoods. The downtown area is generally considered to be east of the Arkansas River, west of Washington Street, north of Kellogg and south of 13th Street. The downtown area contains landmarks such as Century II, the Garvey Center, and the Epic Center. Old Town is also part of downtown; this 2-3 square mile area is home to a cluster of night clubs, bars, restaurants, a movie theater, shops, and apartments and condominiums, many of which make use of historical warehouse-type spaces.The two most notable residential areas of Wichita are Riverside and College Hill. Riverside is northwest of the downtown area, across the Arkansas River, and surrounds the 120-acre (0.49 km2) Riverside Park. College Hill is east of the downtown area, south of Wichita State University. College Hill is one of the more historic neighborhoods, along with Delano on the west side and Midtown in the north-central city.The town of Eastborough, Kansas is east of College Hill, entirely engulfed by the city of Wichita.Wichita is also home to two major shopping malls: Towne East Square and Towne West Square, on opposite ends of town, and each managed by Simon Property Group. Each mall is home to four anchor stores, and has more than 100 tenants apiece. The oldest mall, Wichita Mall, is largely a dead mall. There is also a large outdoor shopping center on the city's north-east and north west sides. Bradley Fair and NewMarket Square (respectively) are large outdoor malls with over 50 stores each spread out on several acres. Education The majority of Wichita's students are served by Wichita Public Schools (USD 259), although portions of Wichita are served by the Andover (USD 385), Derby (USD 260), Haysville (USD 261), Maize (USD 266), Valley Center (USD 262), Goddard (USD 265) and Circle (USD 375) school districts. The largest private schools are Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, The Independent School, Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School, Trinity Academy and Wichita Collegiate School. Classical education is offered at the Classical School of Wichita. Colleges and universities Wichita is home to three universities: Wichita State University, Friends University and Newman University. There are also several community and technical colleges with a presence in Wichita. Wichita Area Technical College works with the National Institute for Aviation Research at WSU to help provide skilled workers for the many aircraft manufacturers in the area. In August 2010, a new National Center for Aviation Training will begin training students at its facility at Col. James Jabara Airport in north-east Wichita. .Bethel College(in North Newton Kansas) Butler Community College(formerlyButler County Community College) Cowley County Community College Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Friends University ITT Technical Institute Newman University Southwestern College- (in Winfield, Kansas) Tabor College University of KansasSchool of Medicine - Wichita University of Phoenix-Wichita Campus Vatterott College Wichita Area Technical College Wichita State University Wichita Technical Institute Webster University Libraries In 1915, a Carnegie Library opened in downtown Wichita. News reports of the time said this event brought the city in the 'intellectual zone of civilization.' The building went out of use as a library in 1967 and is now owned by Fidelity Bank, which restored the building and was recently awarded a Kansas Preservation Alliance Award for Excellence in Rehabilitation.Wichita Public Library Wichita State University Library System Culture The City of Wichita is a cultural center for Kansas, home to several art and history museums and performing arts groups. The Music Theatre of Wichita and Wichita Symphony Orchestra perform regularly at the Century II Convention Hall downtown. The Orpheum Theatre, built in 1922, serves as a downtown venue for smaller shows.The renowned Tallgrass Film Festival was founded in Wichita by the late Timothy Gruver in 2003. The fest draws an estimated 100 independent feature and short films from all over the world for three days each October. MPAA president Dan Glickman and legendary actor Seymour Cassel have attended.Small art galleries are scattered around the city with some clustered in the districts of Old Town, Delano and south Commerce street. These galleries started the Final Friday Gallery crawl event, where visitors tour attractions for free in the evening on the last Friday of each month. Larger museums began participating and staying open late on Final Fridays shortly after its beginning.The Wichita Art Museum is the largest art museum in the state of Kansas, and contains 7,000 works in permanent collections. This museum is a hub of the city's museums along the Arkansas River: the Mid-America All-Indian Center, Old Cowtown living history museum, Exploration Place science and discovery center, The Keeper of the Plains statue, and Botanica, The Wichita Gardens. Botanica boasts 24 themed gardens including the popular Butterfly Garden and the award-winning Sally Stone Sensory Garden.The Sedgwick County Zoo in the northwest part of Wichita is the most popular outdoor tourist attraction in the state of Kansas, and is home to more than 2,500 animals representing 500 different species. The zoo is next to Sedgwick county park and Sedgwick County Extension Arboretum.The Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum in downtown Wichita occupies the original Wichita city hall, built in 1892. The museum contains artifacts that tell the story of Wichita and Sedgwick County starting from 1865 and continuing to the present day.Slightly east of downtown, Old Town was transformed in the early 1990s from an old warehouse district to a mixed-zone neighborhood with residential space, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and museums, including the Great Plains Transportation Museum and Museum of World Treasures.The Coleman Factory Outlet and Museum on 235 N St. Francis street is the home of the Coleman Lantern and offers free admission .Moody's Skidrow Beanery, 625 E. Douglas in what was to become Old Town, was one of the more famous places in Wichita in the 1960s. It was the scene of a nationally followed First Amendment struggle and was visited by Allen Ginsberg in 1966 (the name had been changed to the Magic Theatre Vortex Art Gallery) where he first read his long poem 'Wichita Vortex Sutra.'The Ulrich Museum of Art and Lowell D. Holmes Museum of Anthropology are part of Wichita State University.There is also The Kansas Aviation Museum in the Terminal and Administration building of the former Municipal Airport in South Wichita tucked away near Boeing and McConnell Air Force BaseThe Wichita River Festival is held each May in the Downtown and Old Town areas of the city. It is one of the longest continuous running festivals in the state of Kansas and features over 70 events, including musical entertainment, sporting events, traveling exhibits, cultural and historical activities, plays, interactive children's events, a flea market, river events, a parade, block parties, a food court, fireworks and souvenirs for the roughly 370,000+ patrons who attend each year.The River Run, a 10 km race held on the first Saturday of the festival, is the largest road race in Kansas.[citation needed] Media The Wichita Eagle began circulation in 1872 and remains the major daily newspaper in Wichita. Its website, Kansas.com, has 900,000-plus unique visitors a month. There is also a weekly business newspaper, Wichita Business Journal.The Moving Arts Film Journal, founded and edited by film critic, Eric M. Armstrong, is a nationally renowned film publication known for its high-brow criticism and essays and is based in Wichita.Monthly publications include The College Hill Commoner, The Downtowner, Wichita Magazine, The Urban News, Christian Press, Naked City Magazine, The WestSide Story, and East Wichita News.Internet resources for Wichita include 360Wichita.com and WichitaLinks.comCable television service for Wichita and the surrounding areas is provided by Cox Communications and AT&T. Wichita in Popular Culture Wichita is mentioned in the song, 'Seven Nation Army', by The White Stripes. Wichita is mentioned in the Negro spiritual, 'Brother, Why Are You Here' by local musician Jerry Hahn. Philip Glass uses Wichita in the title of 'Wichita Sutra Vortex,' a solo piano piece.There is a character who used the pseudonym Wichita in the Film Zombieland. Sports Sports teams in Wichita are:ICT Roller Girls, Roller Derby Friends University Falcons: Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball, Tennis, Track and Field, and Golf Newman Jets:Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Wrestling, Volleyball, Cheer/Dance Wichita Wingnuts,Baseball Wichita Thunder,ice hockey Wichita Wild,Indoor Football Wichita Barbarians,Rugby Union Wichita World 11,Cricket Wichita State Shockers men's basketball, Division I College Basketball Wichita State Shockers Baseball, Division ICollege Baseball Wichita State Shockers Athletics, Other WSU Sports including Nationally Ranked Volleyball, Track and Field, Tennis, Women's Basketball, and more. Notable people Kirstie Alley, Actress Robert Ballard, underwater archeologist and discoverer of the RMS Titanic Dan and Frank Carney, founders of Pizza Hut Ann Dunham, mother of PresidentBarack Obama Eric Harris, co-perpetrator of the1999Columbine High School massacre Don Johnson, Actor Jim Lehrer, journalist and news anchor for PBS Newshour Charles G. Koch, CEO of Koch Industries Fred C. Koch, founder of Koch Industries Barry Sanders, former football running back Taryn Southern, singer, actress, comedian Arlen Spector, senior United States senator from Pennsylvania Dr.George Tiller, physician specialising in late-term abortions Joe Walsh, Musician Sister cities Cancún,Mexico- 25 November 1975 Kaifeng,China- 3 December 1985 Orléans,France- 16 August 1944 throughSister Cities International Zacatecas,Mexico- 16 October 1973 Omaha,United States- 8 August 1993 WSU Gallery List of people from Wichita, Kansas Information on this and other cities in KansasList of cities in Kansas Kansas locations by per capita income Other information for KansasList of counties in Kansas List of unified school districts in Kansas List of colleges and universities in Kansas HistoricalAbilene Trail Chisholm Trail
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