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Navasota Texas TX Warrant Search

If you want to search for outstanding arrest warrants in Navasota Texas TX - the easiest and safest way would be to use an online warrant search service that will allow you to gather information from several different local and national databases and provide you with a detailed report regarding the individual's warrant status, without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

If you are doing a new search on yourself, it is recommended that you use govwarrantsearch.org. This is a discreet warrant search service that will allow you to search anonymously without fear of prosecution. This is probably one of the most trusted and thorough services in the industry.

With govwarrantsearch.org, you will have access to the same technology that both law enforcement and private investigators use on a daily basis. The service will compile everything about your subject in one detailed report and make for easy analysis. Having all of this information in less than a minute is as easy as filling out the form above.

If you prefer the "manual" approach - You can always visit your local law enforcement office for this information. The police officer will charge you a nominal fee and provide you with a print-out of the individual's warrant record. It is not suggested to do this type of search on yourself. Obviously, the police officer will be forced to arrest you if they find that you have a Texas TX warrant against your record.

The Definition of a Warrant

The simplest way to define a warrant is: a court document that commands police to take a particular action. There are several different types of warrants, but the most common are arrest warrants and search warrants.
While arrest warrants command police to arrest individuals, search warrants command of the police to search specified locations. A warrant is a legal document, signed by a judge and administered by the police.

The Definition of an Arrest Warrant

Fortunately in the United States, Police Departments are not allowed to randomly arrest its citizens. First, a judge must sign a legal document called an arrest warrant before law enforcement can make an arrest. Arrest warrants can be issued for various reasons, but, failure to appear at court is the most common cause. Keep in mind that police officers will enter homes and places of business to incarcerate fugitives with arrest warrants on their record.

How to Find Out If You Have a Warrant in Navasota Texas TX:

Whether you're searching for a warrant on yourself or others, you have a few options to get the job done. The first option is to head down to your local police department and make a warrant request. The only problem with this option is that you usually need a good reason to do a search on someone else. If you convinced the officer that you have a good reason - obtaining a warrant report will cost a nominal fee, and a bit of patience. Keep in mind that this is a low priority request, and the police officer at the front desk will often take their time with your arrest warrant search.
A word of warning: this method is not suggested if you are doing an arrest warrant search on yourself. If the police determine that you have an active warrant, they will arrest you and you will not have a chance to prepare your defense. You also shouldn't use this method when checking on the status of family members or close friends as well. This is because the police will attempt to gather information about the person's whereabouts. You could even be brought into the situation if you attempt to deceive the police, as obstructing justice is a crime.

The easiest and safest way to check if someone has an outstanding warrant on file is by using a public online search engine, like govwarrantsearch.org. This site will allow you to instantly investigate anyone's background using all national databases and receive the information that you need without having to go anywhere in person. You can easily gather information from many databases with a single click, and either conduct an in-state search for warrants in Navasota Texas TX, or use the "Nationwide" option to search for warrants anywhere else in the entire United States. Aside from being quick and easy, an online search is also beneficial because of the privacy that it affords you. You can avoid putting your freedom in jeopardy by searching online. Using a public online search like govwarrantsearch.org is the recommended method for anyone that needs arrest warrant information.

Bench Warrants Defined

A bench warrant is placed against any individual that does not show up for a court date as scheduled. This warrant directs law enforcement to seek out this individual and place them into custody. As far as the police are concerned, an individual with a bench warrant is a fugitive at large.

If you have a bench warrant against you, it is important to take care of the situation as soon as possible. Usually, local law enforcement officers are very active when it comes to serving bench warrants. It is not uncommon for the police to arrive at your home at 2 AM to take you to jail.

Search Warrants Defined

A search warrant is a court order document that allows a particular law enforcement agency to search a home or place of business for proof of illegal activity. Search warrants are signed by a judge and very specific in nature. Law enforcement must adhere to the verbiage of the document or risk having their evidence inadmissible in court. Search warrants have a specific expiration date and the police cannot continue to return without a new search warrant.

If you are served with a search warrant, you should ask to read the warrant to ensure that the police are following the court order properly. It will detail the types of evidence that can be removed, when they are allowed to search, as well as the limitations on where law enforcement are allowed to search. While law enforcement officers are allowed to confiscate any contraband that they locate during the search (drugs, unregistered weapons, etc.), they can only remove evidence listed in the search warrant.

Outstanding Warrants and Active Warrants Explained

Both active warrants and outstanding warrants have the same meaning and can be used equally in the eyes of the law. With that being said, the term, "outstanding warrant" is most often used to describe warrants that are several years old. Regardless of the chosen phrase, both outstanding warrants and active warrants are court-ordered documents that allow law enforcement to arrest an individual using any means necessary.

I Have Not Been Notified By The Police - Could I Still Have An Arrest Warrant On File?
You should never wait on notification from the police to determine if you have an arrest warrant on file. The sad truth is that the majority of individuals arrested were unaware of a warrant on their record. Silvia Conrad experienced this first hand when a police officer randomly appeared at her place of work. She was completely unaware of a warrant placed against her, but was hauled off to jail. While it may create an embarrassing experience, the police will do whatever it takes to apprehend you.

To understand why you may not be notified properly, you should look at it from the prospective of the police. It basically makes law enforcement's job much easier. The police would rather catch you off guard than prepared and ready to run. Bottom Line - Whether you have been notified or not, the police will find you and arrest you to serve their warrant.
How to Avoid Being Picked Up On An Arrest Warrant

Before you get your hopes up and think that you can actually live a normal life with an arrest warrant on your record, you must realize that this is an impossible venture. Even if you were capable of eluding the police for quite some time, your life would be anything but normal. The thought of a looming arrest would always be on your mind, and would force you to constantly `watch your back' for the police.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that the majority of arrest warrants get served years after the warrant is issued. "Don't Run!" is probably the best advice that one can receive. Its much better to take care of the problem as soon as possible than wait until you've gotten your life back together and find that you're being drawn back into the same old situation..

Do Arrest Warrants Expire?

Regardless of the state that the warrant was filed, there is no expiration of an arrest warrant. These warrants will only go away in the case of:
a) Death
b) Appearance before the judge that ordered the warrant
c) Arrest

General Information from wikipedia: 
Navasota, Texas Navasota is a city in Grimes County, Texas, United States. The population was 6,789 at the 2000 census. In 2005, the Texas Legislature named the city 'The Blues Capital of Texas,' in honor of the late Mance Lipscomb, a Navasota native and blues musician. Location Navasota sits approximately 20 miles south of Bryan-College Station. It is connected to those cities, as well as Waco and Houston, by State Highway 6. History After September 1859, when the Houston and Texas Central Railway built into the town, Navasota became important as a shipping and marketing center for the surrounding area. Whereas nearby Washington on the Brazos protested the coming of the rails, the old historic town forfeited its geographic advantage, and it began to decline as many of its businesses and residences began a sure migration to the new railhead across the Brazos River at Navasota.Slaves were a large part of the local economy, as they were imported, traded and used to work in the many local cotton plantations. Guns were made in nearby Anderson, and Cotton, gunpowder, and shoes were made, processed and stored there for the Southern Confederacy during the American Civil War. By 1865 the population was about 2,700. All during the Civil war, all the marketable goods produced in the region were brought to Navasota, then the furthest inland railhead in Texas, to be shipped south to Galveston, where it could be transported by steamboat from the Texas coast and up the Mississippi River to the war effort, or exported to Mexico or overseas to EuropeNavasota suffered a series of disasters in the mid-1860s that severely depleted its population. In 1865 a warehouse filled with cotton and gunpowder exploded after it was torched by vagrant Confederate veterans; the blast killed a number of people and started a fire that destroyed much of the original downtown, and damaged many buildings, including the post office. Not long afterward the town was struck by a deadly cholera epidemic, which was followed in 1867 by an even more dangerous epidemic of yellow fever. As many Navasota citizens, including the mayor, fled to escape the disease, the town population dropped by about 50 percent.Mid 1860s skirmish between Navasota disgruntled freedmen and Confederate veterans broke out in the Brazos bottoms near Millican, after a race riot there threw the whole region into a panic. An informal militia rallied in Bryan, gathered arms, and caught the train southward towards the angry mob of armed freedmen who were marching on Bryan Texas a city to the north of Navasota. Many men were left dead and many were wounded, after this little known battle, perhaps the greatest race battle ever fought in Texas. This led to the formation of numerous private militias, and ultimately during the late 1860s the KKK in Navasota, and on one occasion a tense confrontation between federal soldiers and a crowd of local white citizens occurred there. Later the White Man’s Union was formed, which sought political solutions when possible to the power struggles in Navasota.During these days, Navasota was considered a wild and wooly place, where it was not considered safe for women and children to go downtown in broad daylight. The downtown buildings were teaming with lawless ruffians, gamblers, prostitutes and drunks. Lawmen had to hide and watch, and often were afraid of the streets at night. There were many saloons and gaming halls, and every Sunday morning the undertaker hitched up the buggy and went downtown to collect the bodies that were anticipated to be there, from another wild Saturday night.Perhaps the greatest and most publicized violence was around the Turn of the Century, during the rise of the Populist party in Grimes County, and the election of Populist candidate Garrett Scott for County Sheriff. A White man with great charm and political skill, he enjoyed a great deal of the Black vote, which made up almost half of the population, and managed to get himself elected along with a number of Black candidates. Finally, in a rage of bullets and accusations, he and his cronies were attacked in spots all over the County, The assassination attempt failed however, and Scott was scurried out of town, badly wounded, under protection of a Federal militia, and he never returned to Grimes County. He hid for his life in Galveston, and filed charges against many of the men, who were later fined but their murders were never prosecuted.In 1908, Navasota was a lawless boom town, wracked by violence: 'shootouts on the main street were so frequent that in two years at least a hundred men died.'[3] Twenty-four year old Frank Hamer resigned from the Texas Rangers to become the City Marshal and moved in and created law and order.[4] Hamer faced down, chased down, and beat down the Navasota toughs until the streets were quiet, and children could once again go downtown. He relentlessly fought the various power factions, and one day fought one perceived local warlord in the mud on main street, throwing him in jail and defying all comers, as the rest of the troublemakers began to search for cover. He served as marshal until 1911. Hamer became more widely known in 1934 as one of the men who shot Bonnie and Clyde.In the late 1990's Citizens for Action in Navasota (C.A.N), with the cooperation of the City of Navasota, The Navasota Police Department's new Chief a Texas Ranger and the Navasota City Council made a stand against crime and the Railroad street bars closed down after decades of open drug sales and vice. Drug dealers,prostitutes and drunks could not be seen standing around this area anymore. The Citizen used the City Charter to revoke the alcohol license and the PD enforced the local laws of the land pushed by the New Police Chief, a Texas Ranger that took over after the past Police Chief and investigator where removed for corruption after a outside the county investigation of the City of Navasota Police department.January 2002, Navasota city council default on revenue bonds , withdrawing the city from financial participation in the project Pecan Lakes Golf Course, located near the city’s airport off of Hwy. 105February, 2004, Texas Rangers Again probe Navasota Police Deparment. This time it is initiated by Grimes County District Attorney. The inquiry deals with whether The Deputy Police chief of Navasota Police department knew about the felony conviction for forgery of a family friend. The Deputy chief resigns. The dispatcher was attended the police academy and had been working at Navasota Police department for some time. Investigators looked into if the Navasota Police Employee falsified government records during the city's hiring process for the dispatcher and police officer positions. The investigation starts after a out of town Newspaper {The Eagle} in Brazos county reported on the possible corruption.In July 2009 A successful Business owner was killed inside his liquor store by armed robbers. This crime was in the middle of the day on the main street in town. TEXAS RANGERS once again are called in. The killers still are free and the investigation has not been resolved as of 2011.In Dec-2010 Navasota residents and the town paper report wild hogs in downtown Navasota. A Wild hog is trapped at the free food bank in downtown Navasota. Later local business owners use the meat to feed the Poor of the city.JAN. 19. 2011 The citizens of Navasota made a stand about illegal businesses trying to enter it's city limits after murders and drive by shootings. The police acted on those concerned citizens complaints by getting a search warrant for the tan the man Tattoo and nail Salon at Lasalle located about 100 yards from the Police Station and city Hall. Police seized Drugs, Money and illegal gambling machines. Contemporary Navasota Today,[when?] Navasota has a population of 7,558. The industrial sector of the community now boasts 23 companies and approximately 1000 jobs. In 2009, Navasota was selected as a 'Visionairies in Preservation' city by the Texas Historical Commission to protect the numerous historical structures in the city. A new municipal building and downtown improvements are planned with completion scheduled in early 2011. Media Navasota is served by the weekly Navasota Examiner newspaper, which has been reporting on the goings-on in Grimes County since 1894. The city is also home to the Navasota News 1550 AM radio station that fell on hard times. Now owned and Managed in Brazos County Texas by Bryan broadcasting, the still broadcasts the local Navasota Rattlers football games. Attractions Navasota has some shops & artisans in its historic downtown district, typified by antique, gift shops, and junk stores housed in old classic stone and brick structures, restaurants like Mcdonalds and Pizza hut, live plays at the Sunny Furman Theatre. Navasota Blues Alley is in the heart of the downtown district, and offers blues memorabilia, museum exhibits, art, vintage music and radios, and much more. The city also has golfing facilities and parks, as well as wineries.Navasota retains a number of historic Victorian homes on Washington Avenue, the main residential and commercial thoroughfare through town. Another historic edifice is Brule Field, a natural amphitheater built out of native stone by the Great Depression-era Works Progress Administration. It served as the primary grid for the local high school football team, The Navasota Rattlers, until the new stadium was constructed in 2006. Several native stone churches also remain near downtown, with its Victorian fronts.The city is also home to two La Salle Statues, including a bronze monument, dedicated in 1936 by the DAR, to celebrate the explorations of the famous French explorer. The second is a stone bust placed behind downtown, on Cedar creek, which was donated to the City by the French government in 1978. Supposedly, La Salle was murdered by one of his men somewhere near present day Navasota, while looking for the Mississippi Valley and the way back to French held lands near the Great Lakes. After numerous voyages, explorations of the Mississippi valley, trading ventures and several mutinies, La Salle’s bones are believed to have found their resting place in the Navasota Valley.Seasonally, Navasota is visited in the Spring for bluebonnets. A summer festival, the Navasota Bluesfest, honors the memory of blues man Mance Lipscomb, who recorded numerous albums and lived in Navasota all of his life. The celebration raises money for college scholarships for local students. The nearby Texas Renaissance Festival is held near Plantersville in the fall. Geography According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 6.1 square miles (15.9 km²), of which, 6.1 square miles (15.9 km²) of it is land and 0.16% is water. Demographics As of the census of 2000, there were 6,789 people, 2,379 households, and 1,624 families residing in the city. The population density was 1,109.7 people per square mile (428.3/km²). There were 2,661 housing units at an average density of 435.0 per square mile (167.9/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 53.42% White, 34.11% African American, 0.29% Native American, 0.46% Asian, 9.90% from other races, and 1.81% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 27.96% of the population.There were 2,379 households out of which 37.8% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 43.9% were married couples living together, 19.6% had a female householder with no husband present, and 31.7% were non-families. 27.8% of all households were made up of individuals and 14.5% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.76 and the average family size was 3.40.In the city the population was spread out with 30.3% under the age of 18, 10.6% from 18 to 24, 26.7% from 25 to 44, 18.0% from 45 to 64, and 14.5% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 32 years. For every 100 females there were 86.5 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 81.0 males.The median income for a household in the city was $26,990, and the median income for a family was $31,875. Males had a median income of $28,585 versus $21,731 for females. The per capita income for the city was $12,230. About 23.8% of families and 26.5% of the population were below the poverty line, including 34.7% of those under age 18 and 24.0% of those age 65 or over. Government and infrastructure The United States Postal Service operates the Navasota Post Office.The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) operates the Luther Unit and the Pack Unit in an unincorporated area in Grimes County near Navasota. In addition the Pack Warehouse is located in an unincorporated area near the Pack Unit. Education The City of Navasota is served by the Navasota Independent School District, which enrolls 2,921 students. Navasota High School ranks 1142nd of 1465 Texas public high schools. Schooldigger District Rating: Navasota Independent School District ranks 697th of 897 Texas school districts.[8] Notable people associated with Navasota Christopher B. 'Stubb' Stubblefield Joe Tex Mance Lipscomb Alvin Ailey Brian Diggins Milt Larkin. Virgil 'Ned' Garvin, major league pitcher French explorerRené-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, was killed in Navasota in 1687 Chuck Norrislives just outside of Navasota Bibliography USS Navasota, named after the Navasota River Navasota crime FBI Index score in 2009 is 369.8 US Avg. is 319 See FBI.GOV UCRThere were 33 registered sex offenders living in Navasota, Texas in December 2010 The ratio of number of residents in Navasota to the number of sex offenders is 230 to 1--one of the highest rates in the USA and Texas.The ratio of number of residents in College Station, a city just north of Navasota is 5417 to 1 registered sex offenders Read more at City-data.com2010 was a violent Year in Navasota FBI-UCR 2010 unavailable at this time.Texas Department of Public Safety 2010 Crime Statistics Unavailable as of 2/2011.^ab'American FactFinder'.United States Census Bureau.http://factfinder.census.gov. Retrieved 2008-01-31. ^'US Board on Geographic Names'.United States Geological Survey. 2007-10-25.http://geonames.usgs.gov. Retrieved 2008-01-31. ^'Post Office™ Location - NAVASOTA.'United States Postal Service. Retrieved on May 22, 2010. ^'Pack Unit.'Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Retrieved on May 22, 2010. ^'Pack Warehouse.'Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Retrieved on May 22, 2010. Caro, Robert A. (1982).The Years of Lyndon Johnson: Means of Ascent.New York: Knopf.ISBN 0-394-49973-5. Sitton, Thad (2000).The Texas Sheriff: Lord of the County Line.Norman and London: University of Oklahoma Press.ISBN 0-8061-3216-7.
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